Disciplinary Board of the Hawaii Supreme Court | About Us

The Disciplinary Board of the Hawai`i Supreme Court is an 18-member body appointed by the Supreme Court to supervise the discipline system and oversee ODC.  The Disciplinary Board consists of both lawyers and non-lawyers who serve without compensation. The Disciplinary Board appoints its own officers from amongst its members.  The Disciplinary Board sets policy guidelines for handling disciplinary matters, acts as a reviewing body for all cases in which formal disciplinary proceedings have been instituted, and issues formal opinions on ethics issues. 

The current Disciplinary Board members are:

Hon. Leslie A. Hayashi, Vice Chairperson
Philip D. Hellreich, M.D.*
James K. Hoenig, J.D., Ph.D.*
Shelton Jim On, Esq.
Richard P. Kappenberg, Ph.D.*
Philip H. Lowenthal, Esq.
Jeffrey P. Miller, Esq.
Joy M. Miyasaki, Esq., Treasurer
Hon. Clifford L. Nakea (Ret.), Chairperson
Henry E. O'Neill, Esq.
Jeffrey S. Portnoy, Esq.
David J. Randell, M.D.*
Judith A. Schevtchuk, Esq.
Richard H.S. Sing, Esq.
Cristina M. Suarez, Ph.D.*
Nathan J. Sult, Esq., Secretary
Asst. Chief Eugene Uemura (Ret.), MA.Ed*
Diana L. Van De Car, Esq.

(* denotes non-attorneys)

Note: The names of the Disciplinary Board members are provided here in the spirit of public disclosure.  Complainants and Respondents should not contact Disciplinary Board members directly; all communications should be directed to the ODC.

In its oversight of the ODC, the Disciplinary Board hires the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the discipline system.  Although the Disciplinary Board oversees the administrative operations of ODC, in disciplinary cases there is clear separation between the duties and functions of the Disciplinary Board and ODC.  In disciplinary matters, the Disciplinary Board acts as a reviewing body, while ODC serves as an advocate, and the hearing committee/officer serves as an adjudicator.  Such separation ensures that respondents are given fair and impartial review of their cases.  ODC presents oral argument to the Disciplinary Board (as does the respondent or his or her attorney, if any), and is not permitted to participate in the Disciplinary Board's internal deliberations concerning disciplinary matters.

The operations of the Hawai`i lawyer discipline system are funded entirely by annual registration fees paid by Hawai`i's lawyers.  Ethics investigations are conducted without charge to any complaining party.